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People, Connection, Interaction

Group Travel

We create opportunities and pioneer new experiences

We navigate away from the predictable, enabling you to fully immerse yourself in each destination and confidently step into new experiences, discover new thrills and skills.
Your journey unfolds alongside truly inspirational and highly experienced guides and experts. Your comfort, safety and security are assured, no matter where you are in the world.
These adventures define the chapters of your life.
Discover them below! 
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WE CARE - Where the stars are closer
When: 10/06/2021 - 16/06/2021
Open your senses. This is about your well-being, about adventure and creating a bond for life... A trip where you can truly be yourself and relax completely. Come with us and feel the magic, immerse yourself in a soul-soothing escape in the Mallorcan countryside. You will connect your innerself through meditation, yoga, creative escapades and just by being your true self.
Euro 1870
Starting and ending in Palma de Mallorca
8 to 10 people 
Socotra Expedition, Ecological Overview 
Exp. 1: To be confirmed
Exp. 2: To be confirmed
This ecological tour takes you around the island of Socotra with a focus on the interior mountain regions and unique flora and fauna. It includes a three day trek with pack camels through the Hajhir Mountains. 
Screenshot 2020-05-16 at 00.33.07.png
Screenshot 2020-05-16 at 21.32.20.png
Euro 3870
Starting and ending in Cairo, Egypt
Limited to 12 people per expedition


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Congo Expedition, Nature uncompromised
Exp. 1: To be confirmed
Exp. 2: To be confirmed
This program brings you deep into the jungles of the Congo to track gorillas and forest elephants, meet with local groups and park rangers who are in charge of protecting the National Parks, and learn about the environment, lives of local people, and the threats to both.
Screenshot 2020-05-16 at 21.32.44.png
Euro 5440
Starting and ending in Kigali, Rwanda
Limited to 12 people per expedition


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