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About us

The Sybarite Flamingo grew out of a travel passionate couple. We accomplice and complement each other, with an innovative perspective on exploring the world.


But most of all, The Sybarite Flamingo is you


A curious and passionate traveller...

You, whose head is teeming with dreams of new horizons. It is our mission to set you on your way to faraway lands, countries whose name alone is enough to take you on a journey.


What is our objective?


To offer hand-tailored experiences unique to you, whether you are a company an adventurer, a hedonist, a sports lover, a history or culture buff or everything at once, and whether you want to travel alone or with your clan.


Want to venture off-brochure? Stick with us, and we’ll astonish you at every turn. 

Syb·a·rite  /ˈsIbər^It/ noun

Pleasure Seeker - epicurean, hedonist, sensualist

A Sybarite was a native of Sybaris, an ancient Greek city in southern Italy. Sybarites were stereotyped as seekers of pleasure and luxury, and "sybarite" and "sybaritism" now connote such sensualism. 

Let's get personal...


"As a true adrenaline junky I’m always up for that crazy idea you have had since forever but never had the ‘time or guts’ to actually do it. I don’t want you, our traveler, to read about adventures, but dream them and I will make you feel and live them for yourself. We will create a story together. People, connection and interactions, that is what travel is about for me, friends we made all over the world help us create the most unique experiences in every destination." ​



"Born in the South of Spain, I have been passionate about travel since I jumped into my first airplane at the age of 6. Airports captivated me: where are all those people going in their fancy suits, flipflops or enormous suitcases? There are multiple types of travellers which travel in multiple ways and for multiple different purposes. My mission is to transform complex requirements into smooth journeys, but never basic."

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